Demand for aluminium bottles drives Schuler partnership

Demand for aluminium bottles drives Schuler partnership

The growing demand for aluminium bottles has seen German press manufacturer Schuler partner with Japanese systems provider TMC.

Bottlers are increasingly using ‘DWI Bottle Cans’ as premium packaging, which allows for improved freedom of design.

As Drawing and Wall Ironing (DWI) is used in production of bottle cans, they require significantly less raw materials than traditional extruded bottles. Experts are going so far as to say that, in the future, more of these aluminium bottles will be produced every year than aerosol cans.

TMC is specialises in machinery for the production of aluminium bottles and has developed a machine to form bottle necks with ambitious tool technology.

The TMC-neckers are available with 40 to 56 forming stations. Independently of this, the maximum diameter of the bottles is 59mm or 66mm, with a maximum bottle length of up to 245mm. The rate of production is up to 150 bottles per minute. TMC Bottle Neckers are in use all over the world. The company has further locations such as in Hong Kong and in the USA.

Bottle Cans production lines generally consist of a cupping press, a Bodymaker, a Light Tester, and a Bottle Necker, as well as cleaning, decorating and inspection equipment.

Schuler is taking over commercial representation for TMC Bottle Neckers in Europe, Latin America, the Middle East and Africa.