CTI introduces tamper-evident ink for food products

CTI introduces tamper-evident ink for food products
Credit: Shutterstock.com/ Robbi

Chromatic Technologies Inc. (CTI) has introduced a heat-activated ink technology to identify tamper evince in labels and packaging for food products.

The technology – also available for chemicals, pharmaceuticals and electronics – can help counteract against theft and counterfeiting.

It works with the use of a tight activation window where the alert transitions from colourless to full colour within a range of 10° C.

Traditional irreversible technologies require a transition window between 30° to 50° C. However, this results in weak colour activation and detection at lower temperatures.

The new Tamper Alert technology is available in target activation temperatures of 50° C, 60° C, 70° C and 80° C, the company said.

It also incorporates CTI’s “Turbo” colour technology creating the strongest colour alert in tamper evidence in blue, green, black and red.

At present, Tamper Alert is available only in water-based applications.