Cloud-based platform to expedite sugar reduction efforts

Cloud-based platform to expedite sugar reduction efforts
Credit: 279photo Studio

Sweden’s Bayn Europe has developed a cloud-based platform to augment the efforts of food producers to reduce sugar content in their products.

An initial prototype of SugarReduced has been developed, the company said, with a launch slated for 2020.

The platform is comprised of data, lab simulation software and e-commerce functions on a cloud platform.

It was designed to connect product developers, marketers, purchasers and stakeholders across the food and beverage industry to expedite market entry of sugar reduction.

Bayn Europe said it provides a “one-stop shop for sugar reduction” with evidence data and simulation program to shorten the R&D and market launch process.

It will also serve as an information hub for the public, for discussions centred on “from evidences to action” sugar reduction projects.