Memphis Meats produce poultry meat without the animal

Memphis Meats produce poultry meat without the animal

Memphis Meats has reached a milestone for the ‘clean meat’ industry after unveiling the production of the world’s first clean chicken and duck. This latest...

Shoppers to get healthier snack brand at Morrisons

Calbee UK, the first European subsidiary of Calbee Inc, the £1.2bn Japanese savoury snack supplier, has announced that Morrisons will sell its first brand,...
Bellarise feeds appetite for organic, gluten-free products with new replacers

Bellarise feeds appetite for organic, gluten-free with new replacers

Consumers’ appetites for gluten-free and clean label continue to grow, and Bellarise’s new Organic Gluten Replacer and DATEM Replacer have helped industrial bakeries meet...

More than meat triumphs at Food Matters Live

The recent Food Matters Live conference, which ended a few days ago, has proved to be a turning point in the growth of revolutionary...

GNT Group bundles its power of innovation

GNT, the provider of colouring foods, has restructured and consolidated its innovation and R&D teams. The arget is to continue to be able to optimally meet the individual requirements of clients in the food and beverage industry.

Bettina Blau, Managing Director of GNT Europa GmbH and new member of the GNT Group’s Executive Committee, will head the newly created department. She says, “As a pioneer in this market segment, GNT is aware of its responsibility and is eager to actively support the development of its customers’ global markets with its newly created structures. In the future GNT will continue to be the guarantor for safe, clean and innovative products."

Her former sales responsibilities will be taken over by Petra Thiele, pictured right with Bettina, who has recently been appointed to the Managing board of GNT Europa GmbH. Petra has been working for GNT for many years. Prior to her new assignment she worked as Market Development Manager, where she was responsible for the opening of new markets and the establishment of a GNT branch in Singapore.

Dairy alchemy – Fonterra churn gold into butter

Dairy alchemy – Fonterra churn gold into butter

In order to meet demand from manufacturers in the Middle East market, Fonterra’s R&D centre has developed a new white butter. The company’s butter is...

KNOWLEDGEshre Live provides insight into beverage industry

The latest KNOWLEDGEshare Live event in Dubai provided stimulating and insightful debate on the major issues affecting the beverage industry.

KNOWLEDGEshare is a beverage industry forum comprising a digital community of senior industry players and thought leaders, with the Live events providing the opportunity to engage in the discussions face-to-face.

The event - the third in the KNOWLEDGEshare Live series - saw almost 150 participants from across the beverage supply chain gather in Dubai. Against the backdrop of various global challenges, the focus was on the many demands faced by the beverage industry and how the supply chain can work much more effectively by utilising the collective knowledge and experience that is available through such a forum.

KNOWLEDGEshare Live in Dubai 2015, presented in association with Sidel, the global provider of PET liquid packaging solutions, followed successful events staged in Germany and China in 2013 and 2014 respectively. The KNOWLEDGEshare community is growing year on year, bringing together decision-makers and influencers, to provide all those involved in the beverage supply chain with a forum for debating issues related to critical areas, from raw materials through to package design, production, transportation, point-of-sale, the consumer and beyond, including recyclability and sustainable methods of production.

Sidel President and CEO Mart Tiismann welcomed delegates to the event and said, “A clear message raised at all three KNOWLEDGEshare Live events is the need to take a holistic view to industry issues and adopt a collective approach to addressing them.

"Operating in isolation, without appreciating the challenges that others within the beverage supply chain are facing, is a rather restrictive view. Of course, individual businesses must make their own decisions but there are degrees of similarity and commonality to many challenges across businesses and across sectors. There is a demand to discuss these matters in a forum where we bring together people with common interests. We have seen this in the increasing level of participation, which is helping us to gain a much clearer picture of what we face as an industry and, importantly, how we can work together to ensure a sustainable future.”

Subjects covered during KNOWLEDGEshare Live 2015 were varied to reflect the fact that KNOWLEDGEshare is representative of the whole beverage industry. The discussion sessions were structured under three main topic streams - how PET can deliver value across the entire beverage supply chain, what the industry needs to do to respond to consumer tastes that are increasingly exotic and varied, while maintaining beverage safety and brand differentiation, and what the beverage production line of tomorrow will look like to meet the changing demands of the future.

During the three sessions, panellists from various sectors debated these issues, with many discussions arising from questions posed live by the delegates. This ensured real engagement, with the content driven directly from the floor, demonstrating the objective of KNOWLEDGEshare Live to be a neutral event that generates open-minded discussion around the issues affecting the beverage industry as a whole.

The next KNOWLEDGEshare Live event takes place on 24th and 25th March in Chengdu, China. For more information, visit

Approved claims open the door to weight management success

Health claims approved by the European Commission offer significant potential for nutrition companies operating in the weight management category, according to botanicals supplier Naturex.

Naturex has developed two innovative convenience food concepts incorporating active ingredients authorised to carry generic Article 13.1 claims related to maintaining a healthy weight. The products will be on show at Health Ingredients Europe.

The first concept is Slimming Noodles enriched with glucomannan (dietary fibre) from konjac, which means the product is permitted to carry the claim “contributes to weight loss” as part of a calorie-controlled diet. The Slimming Noodles are prepared with a delicious stock containing a blend of unique aromatic flavouring extracts, which makes it possible to reduce salt and fat levels and enhance the health credentials of the product further.

The second concept is a Gluco-Control ‘Mug Cake’, an apple and cinnamon-flavoured muffin presented in a cup and formulated with oat beta-glucans, which are approved for the claim “contributes to the reduction of post-prandial glycaemic response”. Controlling blood sugar levels is associated with maintaining a healthy weight. In addition, blood sugar concerns and being overweight are health risk factors that are often associated with metabolic syndrome.

Leslie Lannebere, Business Manager at Naturex, says, “The European weight management sector was worth $2.8 billion in 2013, according to Euromonitor. It is a thriving category and the key to success in this market is to create products that help people lose weight and maintain a healthy weight while also offering convenience, delicious taste and a pleasant eating experience. Our Slimming Noodles and Gluco-Control Mug Cake concepts tick all the right boxes in this respect. Not only are they highly effective and backed by approved health claims, but they also taste fantastic and showcase just what is possible with the right ingredients and recipes.

“In spite of concerns about the impact of the European Nutrition & Health Claims Regulation, in fact there are many approved claims which provide the opportunity for companies to develop healthy food and beverage products backed by substantiated and approved claims. The applications we have created for Health Ingredients Europe will inspire companies who are looking for fresh opportunities to create new weight management products that will really resonate with consumers.”

New validation method allows for animal specific gelatin detection

New validation method allows for animal specific gelatin detection

Triskelion has developed a validated LC-MS method for the species-specific determination of gelatin. The TrustGel method – recently published in Food Chemistry – reliably detects...
Cloud-based platform to expedite sugar reduction efforts

Cloud-based platform to expedite sugar reduction efforts

Sweden’s Bayn Europe has developed a cloud-based platform to augment the efforts of food producers to reduce sugar content in their products. An initial prototype...

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