Bulldog London Dry Gin appoints UK brand ambassador

Bulldog London Dry Gin has appointed a UK Brand Ambassador, Bianca Hepworth of The Proud Archivist, who will now be representing the brand out in the trade, as well as being responsible for delivering training sessions to accounts and developing showcase drinks for publicity and marketing.

Bianca began her career at Drink Shop & Do, which is where she first interacted with Bulldog Gin, she spent five fun filled years here as general manager. Later she joined the team at Hoxley & Porter, combining her love for love for spirits, especially gin and rum.

She excelled here, creating a highly regarded organic drinks menu, that changed regularly depending on the bartenders’ latest discoveries. It’s been a hugely successful two years at Hoxley & Porter, but all good things come to an end. One of Bianca’s proudest achievements is her young, vibrant and ambitious team who she believes will go on to do great things in the industry.

The next step in Bianca’s career is joining The Proud Archivist and combining that with her new role with Bulldog Gin. Bulldog are delighted to have her on board, and are looking forward to seeing her in action.

Bianca says: “I’ve always been a gin girl and so the current growth of the spirit means I have had a very exciting couple of years! I love gins with unusual botanicals so working with Bulldog is something of a dream for me. I can't wait to get started, meet some other Bulldog lovers and show it off to bartenders so that we can work on creating more serves that include Bulldog Gin”.

Bulldog Gin is one of the lighter style gins around, distilled with 12 different rare botanicals from nine different countries, such as Dragon Eye (The cousin of the lychee, sweet in flavour), White Poppy from Turkey (Earthy aroma, Sweet nutty flavour) and Lotus leaf from China (Fruity aroma with a perfumed flavour), as well as organically farmed Juniper from Italy.

These Botanicals give Bulldog a distinctive harmonious flavour, smoothness with a balanced finish. Made from 100% British grain and bottled at 40% abv, this super-premium Gin is distilled in a copper pot still, from a distillery steeped in 250 years of tradition. In an unusual twist for any spirit the brand is also a certified Kosher product by KIR, and completely gluten free.

Givaudan expands Singapore Flavour Innovation Centre

Givaudan expands Singapore Flavour Innovation Centre

Givaudan has invested CHF 5 million (£4.7 million) in an expansion of its Flavour Innovation Centre (FIC) in Singapore. The FIC is home to the...

Double celebration for the School of Artisan Food

The UK’s award-winning School of Artisan Food, based in Nottinghamshire, is hosting its annual advanced diploma graduation ceremony in the same week as the School celebrates its fifth birthday.

The Advanced Diploma class of 2014 completed the course in July and all will graduate, with many already employed in artisan bakeries or setting-up their own business.

Since the School opened in October, 2009 there have been over 5,500 students through the doors. Traditional skills of baking, cheese making and butchery lie at the heart of the School’s teaching with additional skills such as chocolate making, business skills and brewing also being taught.

Joe Piliero, Director at The School of Artisan Food says: “When we initially set-up five years ago our aim was to deliver high quality training across a range of food skills which are in danger of being lost. We’re now in the position where we’ve not only passed those skills onto thousands of people but some of those are now leading a growing, artisan food industry.”

Sandie Tomlinson, one of the School’s graduates says: “The experience I gained was invaluable and definitely helped build my confidence in my practical skills as well as clarifying the realities of running a bakery as a business.”

The latest group of Advanced Diploma Graduates will be presented with their Diploma certificates on Thursday 16th October.

Scottish Government launches £70 million support scheme

A massive funding programme for food and drink businesses across Scotland has been launched by the Scottish Government. On a visit to The Breadwinner...

Sheep Print introduces NPD solution

One of the leading UK suppliers of labelling solutions for plastic containers, Sheep Print is targeting new product development managers with a low run in-mould labelling solution.

Thanks to new production developments Sheep Print can now do runs from as little as 10,000 labelled pots and matching lids, allowing food companies to professionally present their new products without needing to resort to self-adhesive labels.

IML provides a high quality, more professional appearance than a conventional sticky product label, but minimum label production numbers have previously often ruled them out for use on new food trials due to initial lower production runs.

The move by Sheep Print to offer lower IML production quantities should prove of particular benefit to new product development managers who are often under pressure to test the market with initial product launches, to determine whether there is a demand to justify full scale production.

Traditionally, the minimum number of IML labels that could be produced was 50,000 which meant that many companies were unable to justify the cost on low batch product numbers. However, this has also changed with the intervention of Sheep Print which is trying to pioneer a move towards companies always using IML.

Unlike many other suppliers, Sheep Print also offers quick project turnaround times, this is typically four to five weeks after the artwork has been signed off, which provides food personnel and new product managers with far greater flexibility. The company also offers a fast turnaround design service, providing samples of the whole range - for visual reference, advice on colour schemes for particular products and grant easy access to the technical information. This provides for an easier and faster decision making process.

Sheep Print, a BRC accredited supplier, is no stranger to the food industry and its extensive range of tamper-proof IML printed plastic containers are already used for a wide variety of food products including ready meals, snacks, soups, yoghurts, breakfast cereals, desserts, ice cream and many other foods.

IML plastic pots offer a number of advantages over conventional sticky labelled pots. These include a more professional finish, matching lids and containers, a security lock and are leak and tamper proof. IML eliminates the need for label application, thus reducing machine or labour costs. IML pots are also stronger than thermoformed pots and can be filled at much higher temperatures. The company hopes that the short batch runs will appeal to not just large food producers looking to do food trials, but also SMEs keen to present the feel of a more established on-shelf appearance.

Milda Laurikiete, Sheep Print’s Head of UK Operations, says, “We decided to introduce innovative new technology which has enable us to cut the production quantity from 50,000 to 10,000 IML labels to enable us to target the new product development market. This solution is ideal for product launches and trials and although the costs per label are a little bit higher on a 10,000 run we think the cost is justified because of the much greater professionalism the labels provide.”

Kampffmeyer Food Innovation is now GoodMills Innovation

Kampffmeyer Food Innovation GmbH has a new corporate design and a new name - GoodMills Innovation GmbH. Following the renaming of the German mother company VK Mühlen AG to GoodMills Deutschland GmbH in October, this latest rebranding is the next step towards a uniform brand presence.

All business units remain unchanged under the umbrella of GoodMills Deutschland GmbH. The mills will continue producing their standard product range of premium milled grain products while GoodMills Innovation GmbH will continue refining the flours from its sister companies and serving the functional ingredients market.

Michael Gusko, Managing Director of GoodMills Innovation GmbH, says, “We are still far away from unlocking the full market potential of the raw material grain. According to our motto “We unlock the power of grain” we will continue to focus on the technological functionality of milled grain products and on exploring the health potential of grain. Being part of the largest milling group in Europe will enable us to further strengthen our market position and to become even more competitive.”

Innovation award for KHS

The KHS Group is heralded as one of the most innovative companies in Germany, and the international manufacturer of filling and packaging systems was...

Raspberry Sorbetto is Great Taste Champion

Raspberry Sorbetto made by Snowflake Luxury Gelato, has been declared the Great Taste Supreme Champion 2014.

Out of ten thousand products entered into Great Taste 2014, the Raspberry Sorbetto took the highest accolade at the Great Taste Golden Forks Dinner, where over three hundred guests from the world of fine food gathered to hear the result which catapults Snowflake Luxury Gelato into the culinary spotlight.

John Farrand, MD of the Guild of Fine Food, organisers of Great Taste, says, “This year’s Great Taste, our twentieth year of the competition, was the biggest with more entries than ever before. As always, our judges had the task of finding the most exquisite food by blind tasting and conferring over each individual entry. We know that the Great Taste logo is an established and trusted mark - for producers it reflects their hard work and commitment to making superb tasting food and drink, and for consumers it is a recognisable, simple and clear logo that confirms they are buying the most outstanding products on the shelf."

Snowflake’s Raspberry Sorbetto has been blind-tasted and judged as one of the Top 50 Foods by a host of expert food judges, including the Head of Food at Harrods, sponsors of the Great Taste Supreme Champion award, and many other buyers from the most prestigious food stores in London and throughout the UK.

The Raspberry Sorbetto, which is fat-free, dairy-free, gluten free and suitable for vegetarians and vegans, was described by Karen Barnes, one of the Great Taste judges, as having “the flavour of the fruit, the leaf, the entire bush” and another judge as “like a walk through a pick-your-own field” and yet another judge exclaimed the Sorbetto as “giving a raspberry rush to the head”.

Made by hand using artisan skills, Snowflake Luxury Gelato’s Gelataio (gelato chef) makes Sorbetto and Gelato each day and uses seasonal fruits to make recipes including the Raspberry Sorbetto. With three London ‘gelato boutiques’, one in Westbourne Grove, Bayswater, one in Wardour Street, Soho and a concession at Harvey Nichols, Snowflake Luxury Gelato is an example of traditional Italian artisan skill combined with a chic, innovative and contemporary approach to speciality food.

Three fruit snacks added to Nothing But Freeze Dried range

Three fruit snacks have been added to the Nothing But freeze dried snack range – with a single packet providing a convenient and easy way for people to eat one of their “5 A Day” fruit or vegetable portions. The new snacks launched by The Premium Snack Company are strawberry & banana, pineapple & grape, and apple & fig.

WinNaturally became the first retailer to stock the new snacks when the company opened a new flagship store in Manchester’s Arndale Centre. Nothing But snack tastings were provided for the hundreds of people who came to the store’s launch.

David Street of The Premium Snack Company says, “We originally launched Nothing But with three vegetable snacks and have had very positive customer feedback. We have now widened the appeal of the range by adding the new fruit snacks. For example, many children don’t like vegetables but are happy to have fruit, so the Nothing But fruit snacks will be a novel way for them to have one of their 5 a day.

“These snacks contain no added salt, sugar, fat, or preservatives so they will appeal to people who are looking for healthy alternative snacks containing 100% natural ingredients. They are also low in calories compared to more traditional snacks. With the Nothing But range, you get nothing but real vegetables and fruit, and because they have been freeze dried they maintain their taste, colour and appearance throughout their shelf life."

Bread with the emphasis on health

A team of leading European researchers, industry partners and artisan bakeries has developed a range of innovative grain-based raw materials for baked goods with improved nutritional profiles.

The EU-funded HealthGrain and HealthBread projects set out to develop wheat-based raw materials that would help to improve the nutritional value of baked goods. Intended to boost health promotion by improving the nutritional content of staple foods, the interlocking projects were the EU’s largest in this area to date. Now, following seven years of research and product development and a total investment of €17.5 million, the studies are complete and the results are bearing fruit.

The project partners have developed new technologies for the production of more nutritious raw materials on an industrial scale. The new wheat products can be used to produce white and whole grain baked goods with better nutritional profiles. Artisan bakeries from Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and Austria have verified the ingredients’ feasibility in practice by producing popular region-specific baked goods. The findings of the projects have now been put together in a bakers manual which will be made available to bakeries across Europe to encourage the production of health-promoting staple foods.

Researchers working on the HealthGrain project came to two main scientific conclusions. On the one hand, their studies proved that it is the aleurone layer surrounding the wheat kernel that contains the grain’s highest amount of valuable nutrients – and not, as was previously believed, the wheat germ. The research showed that wheat aleurone cells contain considerably more vitamins, minerals, dietary fibre, and antioxidants. On the other hand, the scientists discovered that the whole grain’s nutrients are more bioavailable after the grain has been fermented. Using this knowledge as a base, technologies for the production of corresponding wheat raw materials were developed.

During the HealthBread project, the theories of the HealthGrain project were put into practice. The industry partners implemented the innovative technologies to produce wheat aleurone and fermented wheat whole grain concentrate. Both raw materials were made available to the participating bakeries. The bakeries then created several recipes for delicious and nutritionally improved baked goods, with one product being brought to market maturity.

The findings of the projects are summarised in a bakers manual which provides inspiration for the production of health-promoting baked goods and gives advice about possible health-related claims that can be used when marketing these products.

Dr Carola Funk, Head of R&D at Kampffmeyer Food Innovation, says, “These projects provide an impressive demonstration of how outstanding and innovative products can come to life if research is combined with artisan craftsmanship. The HealthBread project was particularly exciting because of its diversified character. On the one hand, we were able to draw on our expertise in the development of grain-based raw materials. On the other hand, it allowed us to demonstrate our competence in regulatory and marketing related issues.”

Erich Kasses, Artisan project partner from Austria, adds, “I have taken part in several EU projects, but this one was unique because research and practice were very tightly interlocked. I learned a lot about wheat, our main raw material, and am now able to bake the most health-promoting baked goods in the world. Although at times it wasn’t easy to juggle the project with our everyday work, our personnel were very motivated and keen to see the results. In the end, all of our efforts were worth it - the bread we created has become a best-seller.”

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