BrewDog declares an ‘end to lager lout culture’ with launch of...

Scotland’s largest independent brewery, BrewDog has set its sights on obliterating the ‘insidious culture around lager drinking’ cultivated by decades of mass marketing by launching a beer that takes the lager style back to its roots.

Launching tomorrow, This. Is. Lager. will be a 4.7% ABV pilsner designed to offer lager drinkers a craft beer alternative to the mass-produced lagers that still dominate the UK market.

This. Is. Lager. is brewed with 100% malt and ten times the hops of most industrial lagers. To demonstrate the difference to those still unfamiliar or resistant to the craft beer revolution, BrewDog is offering free 1/3 pint tasters of This. Is. Lager. at all of its UK bars from 12 noon – 12 midnight on Wednesday 3rd September.

Craft beer is the star ascendant in the drinks market, with BrewDog named the fastest growing drinks brand in the UK within a context of declining beer sales for mainstream, mass-production breweries.

The artisan brewer is immediately making This. Is. Lager. part of its headliners range to ‘convert’ those still unfamiliar with craft beer as it plots destroying the binge drink culture that has long overshadowed the industry

James Watt, cofounder at BrewDog says: “This. Is. Lager. redefines a beer style that has for so long been defined by shallow, listless beers undeserving of the name.”

“For years, global breweries have spent millions convincing the British public that lager is a beer style best served as fizzy, tasteless liquid cardboard propped up by snappy straplines, glamorous advertising or counterfeit stories of foreign provenance. We hope to perpetuate a movement of craft breweries blazing a new trail for lager, proving it’s a misunderstood, neglected beer style.”

“Lager is often demonised or derided as the choice drink of chavs and louts, which is the result of laddish marketing that diverts attention away from taste and enjoyment and undermines the potential of lager as a creative and artisanal beer style.”

“If we can redefine lager in the UK, we will redefine our relationship with alcohol. We can actually start to reverse binge-drinking trends currently being tackled by toothless and misguided legislative proposals unlikely to ever see the light of day anyway. With the volume-driven industry leaders trying to pull the wool over drinkers’ eyes and the government trying to legislate their way out of a media-disaster cul-de-sac, it’s time we treated drinkers like adults and gave them an alternative to stack ‘em high sell ‘em cheap beers with no soul or taste.”

“Gone are the days of lager being synonymous with extra-cold taps, lads on tour, fake Aussie accents, Burberry baseball caps and pot bellies. That is not lager. This. Is. Lager.”

DC Thomson consumer products cooks up expansion for Maw Broon’s Kitchen

DC Thomson Consumer Products has announced exciting new developments for its food brand, Maw Broon’s Kitchen.

As part of its plan for the brand, DC Thomson Consumer Products has unveiled significant developments in the expansion of Maw Broon’s Kitchen into new markets, demographics and products.

DC Thomson Consumer Products has entered an exclusive partnership that sees the food sales, marketing and distribution specialist, Food and Drink Hub Scotland, form a new business (Maw Broon’s Retail Management Ltd) to become the sales and distribution arm of Maw Broon’s Kitchen products. Food and Drink Hub Scotland will be responsible for supporting the licensor and its partners as they expand the Maw Broon’s Kitchen brand at retail starting this Christmas. Offering a retail ‘one-stop shop’ for all licensees and key buyers, Food and Drink Hub Scotland will roll-out the now extensive product line of Maw Broon’s Kitchen cakes, bakery, confectionery and gifting items into grocers, garden centres, delis and farm shops across the UK.

Food and Drink Hub Scotland will also work closely with DC Thomson Consumer Products and its partners to develop innovative new products and brand extensions in order to grow the commercial potential of this food brand.

The impressive activity surrounding the brand also sees the first ever Maw Broon’s Kitchen pop-up café launch at the Eat Drink Discover Scotland food festival this weekend. The festival celebrates the best of food and drink in Scotland and welcomes a variety of exhibitors, enthusiasts and notable chefs. The Maw Broon’s Kitchen pop-up café will serve a traditional home-style menu featuring Scottish favourites Stovies, Mince Rolls & Afternoon Tea for 2. The pop-up will be a chance for DC Thomson and its partner to test the concept of a permanent café in key cities.

Tim Collins, Head of Brands, DC Thomson Consumer Products says, “We launched the first Maw Broons products late in 2012 and are now accelerating plans because of consumer and trade demand. We are delighted to welcome Food and Drink Hub Scotland as a partner. They bring really detailed expertise to reach new audiences and open the door to greater commercial opportunities for the brand. We look forward to celebrating the brand this weekend with our very first Maw Broon’s Kitchen inspired pop-up café at the Eat Drink Discover Scotland food festival as well - the perfect chance to showcase the best of Maw Broon’s to all visitors and partners.”

Inspired by the matriarch of Scotland's favourite family -The Broons - the classic weekly comic strip from The Sunday Post newspaper, Maw Broon’s Kitchen is now established as a prominent yet fictional ‘celebrity chef’ whose homespun wisdom and hearty recipes have spawned a best-selling cookery book series and licensing programme which features 15 partners that cover every day and gift food lines in addition to kitchen and home ware accessories.

Paul Anderson Managing Director of Food and Drink Hub Scotland Ltd and the new Maw Broon’s Retail Management Business says, “We are delighted to be involved in supporting DC Thomson and its food and drink brand licensees develop and grow the Maw Broon’s Kitchen Brand through collaborating and working in partnership with all stakeholders. We believe that through our unique Hub model and working in partnership with DC Thomson, licensees and retailers alike we can further increase the opportunities for the brand.”

DC Thomson Consumer Products is investing to establish Maw Broon’s Kitchen as a standalone food brand in the food, drink and gifting sector, firstly in the heartland of Scotland but with ambitions to expand across the UK and overseas. It sees a great opportunity to capitalize on the momentum built up by overwhelming consumer demand for Maw Broon’s Kitchen products, by working with Scottish partners on commercial projects that share the brand’s emphasis on home cooking, tradition, family values and quality.

Snacks with Crisp Sensation coating scoop prestigious Dutch retail awards

A range of coated oven snacks from the Dutch manufacturer Royaan is shaking things up in the frozen snack foods market.

Having won Food Personality FoodTopAward in April, Royaan’s Kwekkeboom Oven range has topped things off by being awarded the Golden Wheel of Retail – the biggest prize in the Dutch retail world. Both awards are presented to the most important introductions in the Dutch food trade. Kwekkeboom Oven also received two additional prizes in the Wheel of Retail competition - the Category Wheel for the best introduction within frozen foods and the Innovation Wheel for the most exciting new product during 2014. As well as being important for Royaan, these awards are a great endorsement for Crisp Sensation, the inventor and license holder of the novel coating process used in Kwekkeboom Oven snacks.

It is highly unusual for one brand to win both of these retail awards. The holistic judging criteria make Kwekkeboom’s success particularly meaningful, as they covered actual retail sales as well as assessments by retail buyers and consumers. Of all introductions in the retail trade, food and non-food, Kwekkeboom Oven achieved the second highest turnover, and the highest for food products. Additionally, all awards nominees were rated on category value creation, category business growth and consumer acceptance by a jury of Retail Category Managers and Buyers from the Netherlands’ major retailers. Consumer research, in which consumers assessed the nominees on preference, was also taken into account. Royaan was also praised for its outstanding commercial campaign.

According to Bart Bakker, CEO of Royaan, the company’s success owes much to its partnership with Crisp Sensation, the inventor of the unique coating process used for the Kwekkeboom Oven range. He says, “Having an excellent commercial strategy and plan will only work with an excellent product. Superior product performance lies at the heart of any successful introduction, and that is exactly what Kwekkeboom Oven offers. It is clear that without the Crisp Sensation technology, this would not have been possible.”

Following a two-year development process with the Crisp Sensation specialists, Royaan introduced the Kwekkeboom Oven range to Dutch retail stores in October. The products immediately set a new impulse on the highly competitive but stagnant snack foods market. The range comprises beef croquettes, the Dutch speciality “bitterballen”, cheese dippers and chicken nuggets – the latter in pure chicken or with added Italian, saté or curry sauce fillings. Thanks to the innovative Crisp Sensation coating system, the oven snacks have an excellent crumb comparable to deep fried snacks and a core that remains juicy and tender, even hours after preparation. These superior properties allow for a premium price point and secure above-average margins for retailers.

Manufacturers across the globe who want to make use of the Crisp Sensation technology can do so under license and within a long-term partnership that also comprises expert support in product development and implementation. To give consumers an at-a-glance guarantee that they are purchasing a premium quality snack, Crisp Sensation has developed a co-branding logo for use on-pack.

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New look, logo and website for UK coffee company

Coffee sourcing, roasting & packaging specialist, Lincoln & York, has revealed a new corporate identity following significant expansion. The rebrand includes a new logo and completely redesigned website now live at

The rebrand, which has been created in partnership with a local design agency, features a modern look and feel, with fresh new photography and videography inside the roastery.

Lincoln & York, which holds the largest roasting capacity in the UK, decided it was time to evolve the company image to better reflect the business, which has doubled in size in recent years. In 2014 alone, Lincoln & York installed the UK’s largest coffee roastery and became the only large coffee roaster in the country to have its own on-site contingency operation.

James Sweeting, Managing Director and Co-Founder of Lincoln & York explains: “For a while we have felt that our corporate identity had been outgrown and we needed an image to better reflect the ability, scale and expertise of the company and our people. We are very pleased with the update and hope it will equip us for our expansion into Europe over the coming years.”

Gina Reay, Marketing & Communications Officer at Lincoln & York adds: “As a private label coffee company, our range of products and services is very complex. In order to update our branding, a lot of work has gone into clearly defining our business which included conversations with many customers, suppliers and industry contacts.

“We first identified the five core values of the company – Discretion, Consistency, Flexibility, Knowledge and Working with the right people – and then developed the new branding from here. We’re very proud of the new look, please head over to the new website at to browse and let us know what you think!”

Yeo Valley launches ‘Left-Yeovers’

What began as an April Fool’s joke has become a fully realised product in a new limited edition product combining surplus figs, carrot and orange juice with store cupboard essentials.

The adage ‘waste not want not’ is far from unfounded, especially at Yeo Valley. Of course, waste is an expected part of any manufacture or assembly line, but any unused products can present an opportunity rather than a hindrance.

In order to use up surplus figs, carrot juice and orange juice that the company had in its freezer, Yeo Valley added strawberries and launched a new limited edition product. Furthermore, for every pot sold, the company will donate 10p to FareShare.

FareShare save quality surplus food destined for waste and give it to charities and community projects, where it is transformed into nutritious meals for vulnerable people.

It’s a bold and necessary move as over 4.2 million tonnes of food are wasted by UK households every year. This could very well be a proving ground, but chances are the British public will be receptive to the new product. It might even inspire other companies to follow suit.

Left-Yeovers - Strawberry & Fig 450g will be available in over 400 Tesco stores nationwide from mid-October.

Emily Fruit Crisps now sold at Holland & Barrett and Ocado

Emily Fruit Crisps are deliciously different, fantastically tasty snacks that combine all the goodness of real fruit with the satisfying crunch of a crisp, designed to be enjoyed as a quick pick-me-up snack, alternative to crisps, topping for yoghurt or porridge or even as an inspiring ingredient in home baking.

Emily Wong, founder of Emily Fruit Crisps believes that you don’t have to compromise on taste and texture to enjoy healthier snacking.

“We’re part of a movement that values pleasure as much as health”, she says. “Just because you want to look after yourself doesn’t mean you have to be punished at the same time. Snacking is good for you and it should be fun! The fruit ‘crisps’ I had tried in the UK were dry and tasteless. I wanted to make something that was vibrant, exciting and just delicious…”

Pidy launch lighter pastry for festive treats

Pidy a world leading family owned pastry manufacturer are excited to announce the launch of a brand new sweet and neutral short pastry range just in time for Christmas.

Pidy have been creating a wide variety of pastry products for over 63 years and their latest range of ready to fill pastries is perfect for the busy festive period.

The latest pastry range named hard fonçage is Pidy’s own alternative short, crisp and delicately thin pastry and is available in two varieties; sweet and neutral. This new revolutionary pastry forms the start of a new era in Pidy’s range to provide regular shapes which have a lighter appeal and provide a higher filling to pastry ratio allowing chefs more room for delicious fillings.

The sweet and neutral flavours of pastry also enable eateries to create a wide variety of dessert and savoury canapés.

Robert Whittle General Manager at Pidy UK says: “Research over the last few years has led us to believe that our customers are seeking new ways in which to present their pastry offering with lighter shape, composition and texture alternatives. Our new sweet and neutral fonçage pastries are our lightest yet, the light pastry makes the canapés crisper and they also allow more room for sweet and savoury fillings. Our fonçage pastries are in demand with chefs and caterers as the need for thin and healthy pastry continues to grow.”

The neutral range taste delicious with festive fillings such as roast turkey and cranberry sauce or why not add sage and onion stuffing and bake for five minutes to make a tasty meat free savoury canapé.

The sweet range also works incredibly well with festive dessert fillings such as chocolate fondant or mincemeat topped with meringue to create a tasty mince meringue pie. The sweet pastry range will hold its crispness even when filled with hot desserts like crème brulee. Other serving and filling suggestions include mini cheesecakes, crème anglaise, fruity and zesty lemon tarts, the possibilities really are endless.

Paul Eason Business Development Chef at Pidy explains: "Both product ranges save time whilst ensuring quality is maintained especially around the hectic Christmas period. Even with thinner pastry the new range still remains moisture resistant allowing caterers to prepare the canapés well in advance, perfect for any busy kitchen. We always look at various food trends and listen to customer feedback when it comes to developing our products or expanding our range. Improving the filling to pastry ratio of our products was one of the key changes our customers wanted to see. Now we are excited to launch our newest short pastry range just in time for the festive season. According to the National Restaurant Association, miniature and bite size products were on the top trends list for 2014 and our latest range is ideal for creating some delicious bite sized seasonal canapés.” satisfying

Pidy’s range also includes a number of sweet and savoury tarts, a selection of mini cups in a spicy, veggie and fruity range as well as savoury vol au vents and a new gluten free range all perfect for creating a tasty variety of appetisers, canapés and seasonal desserts. Pidy prides themselves on how versatile their pastries are particularly during the demanding festive period.

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