EHL launches 20 new international ingredient blends

EHL Ingredients is spicing up the food ingredients sector with the launch of a 20-strong range of new herb and spice blends, rubs, marinades, coatings and seasonings.

Grouped into six key categories, the new ingredient blends include four dry marinades, six specialty blends, three textured coaters, five everyday seasonings, a complete burger mix and a complete sausage mix.

Katherine Davis, new product development manager at EHL Ingredients, leading importer, blender and packer of food ingredients from around the world, has been working on the new range since her appointment in July 2014. Following rigorous trials, tests and tastings the 20 new blends are now available to the food industry.

The products offer a wide range of applications and can enhance the flavour of ready meals, soups and sauces, curries, pie and pasty fillings and meat dishes. Speciality blends are a versatile ingredient addition to dry mix kits or for inclusion in burger and sausage formulations.

The dry marinades include Aromatic Oriental, Deep South Dixie BBQ, Spicy Spanish, Garlic and Lemon, and Italian-style tomato, black pepper and mixed herbs. They are easy to use and the versatility of the flavours allows them to be used with different proteins. Speciality blends consist of Berber spice, Mexican adobo, Sharma kebab mix, Creole, West Indian jerk and Za’tar seasonings – ideal for rubs on meat cuts or within chicken dishes, meatballs, burgers and stews. These are highly concentrated so offer economical benefits as only a small amount needs to be included in the recipes to make a big impact.

The textured coatings come in Southern fried, three herb and lemon, and crunchy curry flavours, enhancing the visual appeal of chicken, pork or fish portions, while providing distinctive flavours and textures.

Beef, fish, vegetable, chicken and all-purpose make up the everyday seasoning range, designed to enhance and provide a flavoursome background to any dish. The gourmet burger mix and premium pork sausage mix offer the complete herb, spice and breadcrumb blend that delivers on both flavour and texture.

EHL can supply these new blends under short lead times while collaborating with brands and food manufacturers in developing new products and offering advice on new and existing formulations.

Tasneem Backhouse, Sales and Marketing Director at EHL Ingredients, says: “This represents the largest ever product launch from EHL and we are confident the new blends will be popular among our existing customer base and will also appeal to new clients looking for innovative, high quality spice blends from around the world.

“British consumers are always looking for the next big food trend and we decided on these twenty new blends to tap into the growing popularity of cuisines from the Tex Mex, Asian, Mediterranean, Caribbean Middle Eastern and African regions. It’s important for manufacturers to stay one step ahead and create end products that consumers will love and buy time and again and our new blends will be essential additions to many new international food products.

“Kath has brought her market knowledge and expertise in ingredient blending and delivered this strong range to add to our successful portfolio. We have always offered around 50 herb and spice blends but this will really strengthen our position in the marketplace as a reliable and reputable supplier of quality blends, rubs, marinades, coatings and seasonings. Now is an exciting time for EHL as we continue to expand our product range, invest in new team members and machinery and we are well on track to meet our 2014 sales targets.”

All blends are formulated on-site in EHL’s new product development kitchen using high quality ingredients from trusted suppliers around the globe. The team is already working on blends for Christmas and a sweet ingredient range for the bakery sector. EHL Ingredients can offer allergen-free and organic blends on request, can match or enhance existing blends and can collaborate with manufacturers on bespoke formulations for new products.

EHL’s new herb and spice blends are available direct to food manufacturers and via wholesalers, distributors and cash and carries across the UK. Its products are available in various quantities, dependent on requirements.

Allma announce ‘it’s crunch time for Chorella’

Portugal-based microalgae supplier Allma has launched Chlorella Crunches, a concept that blends rice cereals with sun-grown Chlorella vulgaris powder to create a natural crispy snack and ingredient solution.

Chlorella Crunches are available in a range of sizes, shapes and flavours and with varying concentrations of Chlorella. They can be seasoned and eaten alone as a tasty and healthy snack, or included in a salty snack mix. Alternatively they can be used as an inclusion in a wide range of products, including yoghurts, breakfast cereals, snack bars, soups, salads and many more.

New Chlorella Crunches contain Allma’s high quality sun-grown Chlorella powder blended with white rice powder sourced from Europe. They are free of GMOs, gluten and all other major allergens.

Sofia Mendonça, Business Development Manager at Allma, says: “Chlorella Crunches have a wonderful crispy texture that adds depth and excitement to all kinds of food products. They are available in several sizes and shapes, and a range of flavours, which means they are extremely versatile in terms of the applications they can be used for. They work equally well in sweet and savoury products and – thanks to Chlorella’s nutrition profile – provide the opportunity to boost the health credentials of products in a wide range of categories.”

The sun-grown Chlorella supplied by Allma is a rich, natural and 100% vegetable source of protein, including all nine of the essential amino acids. It also contains significant levels of Omega 3 and 6 oils, complex carbohydrates, phytonutrients including lutein, beta-carotene, chlorophyll and zeaxanthin, and a wide spectrum of vitamins and minerals that are essential for a healthy life.

Sofia adds: “Chlorella Crunches are a great example of how Allma offers its customers much more than just a commodity product. We are focused on adding value to Chlorella and working closely with companies to help them develop new products that really exploit the potential of this amazing ingredient. Microalgae production is very sustainable and Chlorella is emerging as the food of the future. We are committed to helping our customers ensure they are at the vanguard of this trend with fantastic innovations like our new Chlorella Crunches.”

Allma’s Chlorella is grown at the state-of-the-art Algafarm production unit in Leiria, 100km north of Lisbon, in closed food-grade production systems, called photo-bioreactors. The photo-bioreactors are exposed to sunlight to encourage photosynthesis, mimicking the growth of microalgae as it occurs in nature.

Sun-grown Chlorella is highly valued because it is exceptionally rich in nutrients that develop naturally as a result of exposure to the sun. However, because Allma’s Chlorella is grown in closed production systems, there is far less risk of the contamination often associated with Chlorella produced in uncovered ‘ponds’ that are exposed to external elements. The closed production systems at Algafarm also enable greater control over cultivation conditions, ensuring consistently high quality Chlorella every time.

Allma is able to guarantee the quality of its Chlorella thanks to a rigorous and ongoing testing and analysis programme. All of Allma’s Chlorella ingredients are manufactured sustainably in Portugal to HACCP food-grade standards. They are non-GMO and fully approved for use in foods by authorities worldwide, including in the EU.

‘Snackification’ of breakfast creates new opportunities

In 2014, $300 million was wiped off breakfast cereal sales in the US.

But this money didn’t disappear. Instead, $70 million of it was diverted to increase the sales of one of the biggest disruptive innovations in the breakfast category, Belvita breakfast biscuits. The rest went to a host of high-growth challenger brands.

“Breakfast has become one of the most fought-over battlegrounds in food and health, a battle fuelled by consumers’ need for easy and quick meals in the morning – and by two massively successful disruptive innovations, Belvita’s breakfast biscuit and Up & Go’s liquid breakfast,” says Julian Mellentin, author of the new report The snackification of breakfast: How changing consumer habits are creating new opportunities.

The 65-page report from New Nutrition Business shows how, around the world from Asia to America, breakfast is being “snackified” as time-pressed consumers are turning away from the breakfast table and towards an on-the-go breakfast – or even skipping the first meal of the day altogether.

In Asia, for example, 66% of professional workers surveyed by New Nutrition Business ate breakfast away from home three or more times in a two-week period, and 20% consumed breakfast away from home every single day. A study of 500 young Americans found that 27% skipped breakfast, and of those who did not, 25% ate breakfast away from home.

These changing habits mean a wealth of new opportunities for companies in every food category.

“Every type of food or beverage company, in every category, either is looking at what they can do to get their own slice of the breakfast market or is in the process of launching or building up products,” says Mellentin. “And what the successes so far – including Belvita, Up & Go, and Quaker’s single-serve oat pot Oat So Simple – have in common is a focus on the five factors that add up to success in the changing breakfast category”.

“By delivering on the five factors, Oat So Simple has gone from niche to mass despite super-premium pricing of over 950% compared to other breakfast oats,” he continues.

The big successes so far, illustrated by the five case studies in the report, show that any company with ambitions in breakfast should not rule out any new product idea because it is too unfamiliar to consumers or too innovative.

Experts in functional food and beverages urged to submit papers to...

The Vitafoods Europe Executive Advisory Board has issued a Call for Papers for the annual Vitafoods Europe Conference 2015, taking place in Geneva from 5th to 7th May.

Experts from the world of industry and academia are invited to submit a paper within any area of functional nutrition; from new technologies and scientific research to innovations in processes and products.

Presenting a unique platform for showcasing excellence in nutritional science, innovation, business, education, and professional networking and exchange; successful entries will be given the opportunity to present their findings to the international functional food and beverage community at Vitafoods Europe Conference 2015.

The conference forms part of Vitafoods Europe, the world’s leading ingredients and raw materials event for the nutraceutical and functional food and drink industries. Unrivaled in size and excellence, last year saw close to 14,000 attendees and 750 exhibitors, from over 100 countries, network and forge new partnerships for continued growth and development.

An expanded programme for 2015 will ensure that the very latest research within core topics such as digestive health, heart health, healthy ageing, physical performance and personalised nutrition are thoroughly represented. In addition, exciting innovations and new ingredients within areas such as marine resources, infant nutrition, beauty and botanicals will be included to share best practice and build partnerships.

Bringing together key stakeholders and thought leaders within European regulation, guidelines and business practice, the presentations at this year’s conference will also examine the overall value chain for functional nutrition. In addition, they will focus on the tools required to successfully bring a new product, ingredient or research to market.

Carolina Lindahl, Vitafoods Europe Conference and Content Manager says: “The conference continues to take an active part in shaping the functional food and beverage industry, bringing together scientific theory and business practice. This year, after extensive consultation with the industry, we have developed the conference programme to look at the full cycle of developing a new ingredient or product, taking it from the clinical lab to retail, and then on to the end consumer. We are looking for the industry’s brightest minds to share their latest thinking, research and innovations.”

The deadline for submissions is Friday 14 November 2014.

To find out more or to discuss other topics, please contact Carolina Lindahl, Conference and Content Manager, on or visit

DSM goes gluten-free at BrauBeviale

DSM recently published a paper exploring opportunities for brewers to tap into new markets with gluten-free beer.

At the upcoming BrauBeviale show, DSM will showcase its enzyme portfolio, inviting customers to visit their booth to see how gluten-free beer is made easy.

DSM’s content paper, titled Go Gluten Free, delves into online analytics and trends with regards to specialty beer and gluten consciousness and provides insights into consumer trends relevant for this market opportunity. With the growth of artisanal and specialty beers, addressing new target audiences with innovations is an opportunity for producers that are primarily associated with traditional lager beer.

“We think there is a great opportunity to go gluten-free,” says Fokke van den Berg, Global Marketing Manager at DSM Food Specialties. “In the last years, we’ve seen that 10% of overall new product introductions have been gluten-free, yet only 1% of new beers carry this claim. Our analysis shows that there is great consumer interest and attraction in the gluten trend that beer producers can benefit from.”

The gluten-free trend is driven by increased consumer interest and awareness. Online analytics shows that in 2013, ‘gluten’ was the fifth most common search term people used when typing the words ‘what is...’ in google for instance.

As part of its portfolio, DSM has a full range of brewing enzymes on the market which it will be showcasing at BrauBeviale. With the help of the tried-and-tested BrewersClarex portfolio, gluten protein can be broken down at the start of the brewing fermentation process, thereby making it easy for brewers to create gluten-free beers using malted barley, with the exact same taste profile as regular lager. Furthermore, BrewersClarex will stabilize beer in a cost-efficient, environmentally friendly way, removing the need for the traditional cold stabilization method.

Go Gluten free is part of DSM’s series Add a little, do a lot investigating the benefits of enzymes, and is testament to its ongoing commitment to help the food and beverage industry create healthier, greener, more attractive and affordable products.

Download the full paper here.

The end to dinner indulgence?

With an estimated 15% of today’s adult population in Europe being lactose intolerant and an increased volume of consumers opting to lead a gluten free lifestyle, it is no wonder that frozen lactose and gluten free desserts are becoming so popular.

Forever tempting us to save room for dessert, erlenbacher is exciting tastebuds once more with an appetising selection of its finest frozen lactose and gluten free products. This diverse collection includes delicious Strawberry, a Duo of Blueberry and Peach, Nut and Chocolate and lastly, Strawberry and Mandarin Cream Slices. Three of the four delicious desserts are presented in mixed packs, which benefits those looking for a diversity of taste in minimal packaging.

Lactose Free Cream Slices are made with a flavoursome, lactose free cream filling, sandwiched between fluffy muffin layers for the ultimate velvety taste. The Strawberry Cream Slices are generously covered with chopped strawberries and coated in a sweet cake glaze whilst the Blueberry and Peach Cream Slices are topped with mouth-watering blueberries and peaches, perfect for an end of dinner indulgence.

The Gluten and Lactose Free Cream Slices are divided into four different cakes. The Nut and Chocolate Cream Slices are presented with a light creamy filling between delicious dark chocolate sponge layers and finished with a smooth chocolate or nut cream wave. The other mixed pack is the sweet Strawberry and Mandarin Cream Slices one of which is garnished with aromatic strawberries and the other with sun-ripened mandarin slices. All four desserts are both gluten and lactose free and are sure to be a firm favourite with consumers.

This delicious range of gluten and lactose free products is an impressive selection of erlenbacher’s 200 wide-ranging frozen baked goods. These attractive, ready to serve products can be arranged as four pre-cut individual slices making these creamy desserts a feast for the eyes on any shop counter.

As always, the recipes at erlenbacher use only natural ingredients, meaning no added preservatives, no artificial colourants, no hydrogenated fats and oils and no artificial flavourings have been added.

Seafood solutions show savings from Ulrick & Short

Ulrick & Short is urging fish and seafood manufacturers to adopt clean label ingredients and more transparent processes, to help cut costs and improve efficiency.

The company has been instrumental to date in encouraging the reduction and removal of phosphates in processed prawns and fish, including scampi. Ulrick & Short believes more fish and seafood processors can benefit from reduced costs and improved health claims by specifying clean label, non-GM replacement ingredients. In fact, many industry leaders are already cleaning up their products by replacing ‘rogue’ ingredients such as phosphates and modified starches, which have been used historically to help increase product yield and improve product moistness.

Ulrick & Short can address the industry’s challenges from several angles, with clean label ingredients that meet demand for many applications, from soaking and tumbling to coatings, batters and sauces. For example, Ezimoist allergen-free starches are ideal for soaking whole white fish and prawns, whilst also proving useful in tumbling applications. For products such as fishcakes, the U&S range of Complex binders are invaluable in ensuring the integrity of the product with no detriment to flavour and moistness, whilst also facilitating a wheat based label declaration.

U&S has also focused on ingredients that improve adhesion in tempura batters, and increase crispness in breaded products and coatings. As an added bonus, the company specialises in clean label starches that help to achieve texture stability in sauces, an essential element of many fish dishes and ready meals. Its Delyte range of functional fat replacers reduce fat in sauces of all types whilst maintaining or even enhancing mouthfeel and indulgence, making nutritional fish dishes even healthier.

Director Adrian Short says, “There’s no doubt that fish and seafood companies are much more aware of consumer demand for healthier products that look appetising and don’t compromise indulgence, and are responding accordingly. At Ulrick & Short we have a team of food technologists dedicated to helping our customers find the best way to achieve excellence in their products and processes whilst also reducing costs. We’re confident that we offer the widest range of functional clean label ingredients available from any one British supplier and we would urge manufacturers in fish, seafood, coatings and sauces to take advantage of our technical expertise to identify and address the challenges they face.”

Barry Callebaut transforms hand-shaved ‘copeaux grattes’ into chocolate pencils

Barry Callebaut, the world's leading manufacturer of high quality chocolate and cocoa presents its extended range of Chocolate Masters Pencils made out of 100% Belgian Chocolate, offering endless creativity in a multitude of sizes and colours.

More than 30 years ago, master chocolatier Pierre Iserentant introduced the technique of 'copeaux grattés', perfectly curled chocolate shapes. Originally, the chocolate was hand shaved diagonally, using the so called 'biais-méthode'.

By incorporating this craftsmanship into the Barry Callebaut Group, his invention is eternalized. By determining the specific parameters for tempering chocolate, Chocolate Masters is able to offer a superior product with better heat resistance, glossy appearance and a crackling snap.

The new collection of Pencils are made out of 100% Belgian chocolate. They make it easy to create a masterpiece with only one finishing touch, providing unlimited creativity. Any creation can be transformed into a mouth-watering masterpiece, be it a cake, an ice-cream or any other dessert. They will even turn a simple breakfast cereal bowl into a delightful starter of the day.

Pencils do not only enhance exclusiveness to any creation, they also compliment your coffee, tea or digestive drinks.

The Pencils are available in almost any color and size imaginable, each with their own specific shape and flavor, ranging from velvety tasting Creamy Pencils over crunchy cute Mini Pencils to edible Celebration Candles.

"Consumers are increasingly looking to try foods that evoke new and unfamiliar culinary experiences. The Pencils make any dessert a visual delight in just one handling", Belgian chef Robrecht Wolters states.

"Whether you're serving a classic ice cream, sorbet or sabayon, a Pencil always delivers that little extra, surpassing the expectation of even the most demanding customers."

Doehler presents fresh ideas for sweets and fruit gums

The taste of cola, ice tea, tonic and ginger ale is popular around the world – and not only in beverages. Trends from the beverage industry are increasingly spilling over into other segments of the food industry, creating refreshing inspiration for innovation in the confectionery industry.

To meet this trend, Doehler has developed a range of natural flavours and colours as well as fruit juice concentrates and tea extracts specifically for the confectionery industry. Thanks to the company's decades of expertise in the beverage sector, the natural flavours are characterised by taste profiles that are true to the original. Doehler has developed fresh new product ideas for sweets and fruit gums as an example of where the natural flavours and ingredient systems can be used. As a result, clear lemonade, chai-orange, ginger ale-chilli or even Hugo could soon be providing refreshment in the confectionery aisle.

The topic of “naturalness” is becoming more and more important in all segments of the food market – and this also applies to confectionery. Ingo Schlüter, Head of Sales Region Europe at Doehler, says, “As a manufacturer of natural ingredients for food and beverages, Doehler puts naturalness at the heart of everything it does. Thanks to the company's own fruit processing facilities, it is able to produce a very extensive portfolio of different natural ingredients such as fruit juice concentrates, fruit preparations, natural flavours and colours and much more. This allows Doehler to offer the confectionery industry not only high quality, natural building blocks but also a product experience that stimulates all these senses equally."

Stefan Gates honoured at Omega suite launch party

Suffolk-based natural flavours and ingredients specialists Omega Ingredients has unveiled a new Creative and Innovation Suite as part of its new premises.

The new site, in Great Blakenham, will double the company’s operating space.

To celebrate the official opening of the new premises,BBC TV presenter and food writer Stefan Gates attended a launch party, along with 80 other guests from across Suffolk and the food and beverage industries.

Stefan Gates joined guests as they were given flavour demonstrations and shown some of the company’s latest products. They were also given a tour of the new facilities and a demonstration of the firm’s innovative equipment. This included a highly specialised machine that separates flavours/mixtures and identifies components. Other equipment included a spray drier, which takes a liquid flavour and turns it into a powder.

Guests were also introduced to a new range of flavours from Omega Ingredients called the KiiNotes range. The KiiNotes are a range Provenance Driven Natural Flavours and Extracts with excellent top-notes as well as demonstrating the traceability of the natural ingredients and the named item having complete transparency from Field-to-Fork.

Examples include Sicilian lemon, Brazilian lime, Ecuadorian Passionfruit, Scottish Raspberry and English Blackcurrant. The new range will have a distinctive logo so buyers know they are getting the best quality naturally derived flavours available.

Stefan Gates, TV Presenter says: “About 4 or 5 years ago, I was making a series all about E Numbers and we were trying to make something which most people find intensely boring, mildly interesting. We worked with Steve and did lots of different things to change peoples perceptions about food.

"Steve has got a real sparkle in his eye, he is incredibly creative and when he was talking me through how you build a flavour he kind of sprinkles a bit of star dust on it, he makes it exciting. I've met some other flavourists and they're not trying to create new things, which is why Steve's work is so innovative. That is why today is really exciting for me, because Steve is absolutely brilliant. Congratulations [for the launch] this is unbelievably exciting, well done!”

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