AVEBE introduces ELIANE GEL 100 for creamy low fat soups, sauces...

ELIANE GEL 100 is a potato starch with unique properties that allow food manufacturers to create high quality, creamy and indulgent fat reduced soups, dressings and sauces.

With ELIANE GEL 100 up to 50% fat reduction can be achieved, while retaining a buttery mouth feel and excellent taste. Besides the unique benefits on taste and texture, ELIANE GEL 100 is also easy in processing with a high sheer resistance. ELIANE GEL 100 works both in cook up powder mixes and in UHT processed soups and sauces.

AVEBE’s Market Manager Christer Andersson, says, “We have developed a unique new starch that gives our customers the opportunity to develop healthier but still very tasteful products. Customers asked for the combination of excellent taste and less fat for long time. The health trend is going on for quite a while now but with this latest development from AVEBE it is proved that health and good taste can be combined!”

ELIANE is a 'waxy potato' starch containing more than 95% amylopectin which allows preparation of foods with unique functionality, textures, expansion characteristics and cost saving opportunities. It is the world's first amylopectin potato starch obtained through traditional breeding techniques.

Firmenich name cucumber ‘flavour of the year’

Based on the growing appeal of cucumber, food and flavour business Firmenich has named the refreshing vegetable its ‘flavour of the year’. According to Chris...

Wood components to boost quality of food

According to VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, wood-derived ingredients such as xylan, fibrillated cellulose and lignin could be utilised in the manufacture of...

Nestlé and Chromocell extend collaboration to find alternatives to salt

Nestlé and Chromocell Corporation, a life sciences company focused on the discovery of novel ingredients, have agreed to extend their collaborative effort to reduce...

Doehler presents fresh ideas for sweets and fruit gums

The taste of cola, ice tea, tonic and ginger ale is popular around the world – and not only in beverages. Trends from the beverage industry are increasingly spilling over into other segments of the food industry, creating refreshing inspiration for innovation in the confectionery industry.

To meet this trend, Doehler has developed a range of natural flavours and colours as well as fruit juice concentrates and tea extracts specifically for the confectionery industry. Thanks to the company's decades of expertise in the beverage sector, the natural flavours are characterised by taste profiles that are true to the original. Doehler has developed fresh new product ideas for sweets and fruit gums as an example of where the natural flavours and ingredient systems can be used. As a result, clear lemonade, chai-orange, ginger ale-chilli or even Hugo could soon be providing refreshment in the confectionery aisle.

The topic of “naturalness” is becoming more and more important in all segments of the food market – and this also applies to confectionery. Ingo Schlüter, Head of Sales Region Europe at Doehler, says, “As a manufacturer of natural ingredients for food and beverages, Doehler puts naturalness at the heart of everything it does. Thanks to the company's own fruit processing facilities, it is able to produce a very extensive portfolio of different natural ingredients such as fruit juice concentrates, fruit preparations, natural flavours and colours and much more. This allows Doehler to offer the confectionery industry not only high quality, natural building blocks but also a product experience that stimulates all these senses equally."

Sweetbird pair season and syrups for maximum taste

Sweetbird Seasonal Syrup Boxes collect the latest and seasonal specific tastes to help cafes, coffee shops and restaurants tailor their drinks menus to changes in public mood and taste. Sweetbird Seasonal Sy...

Beverage coalition pledges 100% sustainable fruit juice

A number of European food and beverage companies have joined forces and formed a coalition aiming for 100% sustainable juice and puree by 2030. Under...

Pulled oats enters culinary big league

Pulled oats, a food innovation from Finland, is taking another leap forward as the food company Paulig acquires the majority ownership stake of the...

Tate & Lyle celebrates 40 years of sucralose

Tate & Lyle, a provider of speciality food ingredients and solutions, is celebrating the 40th anniversary of the discovery of sucralose in 1976. It is...

Eight new organic blends from EHL Ingredients

EHL Ingredients has launched eight new organic blends in time for Organic September – five seasonings and three stuffing mixes. The new herb and spice blends, inspired by flavours from the Americas, the Caribbean, the Mediterranean and Britain, are the first in a series of in-demand, organic additions to EHL’s popular range of seasonings and marinades.

The blends include Barbecue, Mediterranean style, Pepper, lemon and herb, Caribbean style, and spicy Mexican, which can be rubbed onto meat, sprinkled over vegetables, or added to burger mixes, coatings and breadcrumbs.

EHL has also created three new organic stuffing blends - Onion and mixed herb, Garlic, tomato and herb, and Sultana, lemon and mixed spice. The stuffing mixes add flavour and texture to traditional roast dinners and Mediterranean style dishes.

The blends are ideal for food manufacturers and meat processors to add to Mediterranean, Caribbean, American and Mexican style dishes, including soups, stews, tagines, chilli and curry dishes, BBQ foods and British roast dinners, as well as for vegetarian and vegan starters and main meals, or as additions to meat dishes.

Food manufacturers and processors looking to create quality organic dishes, which are also allergen-free, for supermarket shelves or foodservice outlets should start stocking up on these versatile new blends in time for Organic September.

According to The Soil Association, UK sales of organic products increased by four per cent last year and shoppers spent an extra £1.4 million a week on organic products, year on year. The research also revealed that retailers have indicated that shoppers are becoming more and more health conscious, and organic products offer answers to questions about food quality and provenance.

Tasneem Backhouse, sales director at EHL Ingredients, says, “Our conventional ingredient blends are performing well since their launch last year and, following customer demand and several months of research and development, we are now able to offer a selection of these popular organic herb and spice blends and mixes.

“We’re aiming for our organic blends to provide inspiration for food manufacturers to create end products to meet market trends and consumer demand for quality, international organic dishes, especially in the run up to Organic September.

“We’re delighted with the continued growth of our organic ingredients and products and we put our success in the organic arena down to several key factors - health benefits, an increase in consumer awareness, education on organic foods and healthier eating, and the consistent high quality of our products. It’s important for food manufacturers to stay one step ahead and use popular, quality organic products that consumers will love and buy time and again.

“With Organic September boosting awareness of the benefits and availability of organic foods, and with The Soil Association predicting more opportunities for future growth, we look forward to strengthening our position in this burgeoning marketplace and we would expect to see a further five per cent increase in sales of our organic ingredients during the remainder of 2015.”

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