Cargill launch 100% cultivated seaweed texturising ingredient

Cargill launch 100% cultivated seaweed texturising ingredient
Credit: yasuhiro amano

Cargill has launched a new ingredient derived from 100% cultivated seaweed enabling premium texturising solutions.

This is a real boon to dairy manufacturers, who can now achieve premium texture with a reliable supply of sustainably sourced ingredients for their gelled dairy desserts.

Derived from 100% cultivated seaweed via a new technology, Seabrid carrageenan offers a cost-efficient texturising solution with a hybrid-like functionality. This allows it to deliver outstanding firmness, creaminess and body to any gelled dairy dessert formulation, such as flan, custard and crème caramel.

Through technological capabilities, Cargill is able to use 100% cultivated seaweed, as opposed to wild seaweed, enabling premium texture at an attractive price.

“Texture is receiving more attention lately, since it is such a strong deciding factor in consumer taste preferences”, says Anne-Laure Rouger, dairy application specialist for Cargill Starches, Sweeteners & Texturizers.

“Industry forecasts indicate the demand for chilled and shelf-stable desserts will continue to grow in Europe, with the Middle East and Africa being the fastest growing region (Euromonitor, 2017).

“In line with current trends, we see consumers seeking firmer, more palatable products with a creamy texture. It is however challenging to deliver such a unique texture combination, while providing great body and mouthfeel.

“Employing a new technology, we can replicate the functionality of wild seaweed using cultivated seaweed, offering food developers a reliable solution to achieve an appealing creamy texture”.

Seabrid carrageenan is the first Seabrid-based product available on the market. While, in this context, Seabrid helps customers develop delightful creamy textures for their gelled dairy desserts formulations, such as flan, custard and crème caramel, its unique functionality also presents diverse opportunities across a range of applications.