Cardboard innovation in vacuum skin packaging launches

Cardboard innovation in vacuum skin packaging launches

Sealed Air has enhanced its Cryovac Darfresh packaging system with a new cardboard support, delivering operational efficiencies to processors, expanding merchandising opportunities and pack differentiation, and offering greater convenience to consumers.

The innovation responds to an emerging trend for processors and retailers to move from MAP to skin packaging, given its capacity to extend shelf life and deliver sustainability benefits, the company said.

For processors of meat, poultry, fish and cheese, production costs can be lowered with the Cryovac Darfresh on Board pack. It uses zero top web scrap technology and runs on the G.Mondini Slimfresh concept.

40% less film is used in comparison to traditional skin pack machines, reducing the volume of packaging required. Material and scrap disposal expenses can also be avoided as 100% of film is used.

For retailers, this innovation extends shelf life to 20 days for fresh red meat, equating to a 100 percent increase on modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) for red meats – this helps to reduce food waste.

The cardboard can be printed on both sides, and the product can be displayed vertically, offering point of sale differentiation and leading to potential increased sales.

The green credentials of food products face increasing consumer scrutiny – environmental impacts are the third most important factor for EU consumers, after quality and price.

Retailers and processors are seeking simple ways to improve their sustainability positioning and avoid waste.

“As processors strive to increase profitability and retailers push for increased margins, Cryovac Darfresh on Board is an effective solution,” said Didier Marteau, Europe, Middle East and Africa fresh red meat market director at Sealed Air Food Care.

“Consumers expect more than ever in terms of product appeal, convenience, food safety and sustainability, and this solution delivers benefits across all of these key areas.”