Battle Oats launch world’s first plant-based protein cookie

Battle Oats launch world’s first plant-based protein cookie

Battle Oats, the Yorkshire-based nutrition brand, is complementing its free-from range of protein oat bars with the launch of a new protein cookie.

The company claim its new product is the first protein cookie on the market which uses plant-based protein and is both gluten free and vegan.

Initially launching with two flavours – chocolate chip and double chocolate – each cookie contains 10g of protein and 8g of fibre as well as being non GMO.

Initially, the cookies will be available via the company’s website and through selected wholesalers and distributors. The company is also planning to add three additional flavours to its protein cookie range over the next six months.

“We have built our brand with the aim of providing healthy, high protein snacks, designed for active people on-the-go, but which are also satisfying and taste good.  All of our products are wholesome and are oven baked by a small British bakery to strict gluten free guidelines,” said Kevin Smith, co-founder of Hull-based Battle Oats.

He added: “Generally, people love cookies and when they see that ours are non-GMO and high in protein and fibre, then their ‘treat’ actually becomes part of a healthy lifestyle. We believe that our product could be the world’s healthiest cookie.”

Co-founder Shaun Gibbins added: “It’s estimated that there are now half a million vegans in the UK and over a million vegetarians, so there is a growing demand for a wider range of suitable products as people choose plant-based proteins which are not only healthier, but are also more sustainable than milk-based protein.

“Our cookies use pea protein which is more environmentally friendly to produce and also gives a softer texture to the cookie which our research has shown consumers prefer to the whey protein-based products currently on the market.”

Having recently secured a contract with Holland & Barrett to stock its high protein oats bars, the listing is expected to be extended to Battle Oats protein cookies later in the year.