Barry Callebaut unveils fourth kind of chocolate

Barry Callebaut unveils ‘ruby’ chocolate
Ruby, ruby, ruby, ruby. Courtesy of Barry Callebaut

Chocolate manufacturer Barry Callebaut has revealed a fourth type of chocolate some 80 years after the introduction of white chocolate.

Ruby chocolate – so named for its rose petal hue – will now sit alongside the ubiquitous dark, milk and white.

This new category promises “intense sensorial delight”. It balances berry flavours with a smooth sensory profile.

It is made from the ruby cocoa bean which, through a unique manufacturing process, Barry Callebaut unlocks the naturally occurring flavour and colour tone.

No berry flavour or colours are added, making it unique among confectionery and chocolates currently available.

The manufacturer said the process needed to unlock these attributes too years to develop.

According to quantitative research performed by independent international market and consumer agency Haystack, Ruby chocolate meets a consumer need no chocolate ever did before.

It’s expected that Ruby, like dark, milk and white chocolates, will be introduced in different product categories.

Ruby chocolate has been tested and validated through extensive consumer research run by independent global research agencies Haystack and Ipsos in the UK, US, China and Japan.

As part of these studies, Ruby’s consumer appeal and purchase intent have been tested, indicating consumers would buy Ruby chocolate at different price points.