Bakery business expands production with £4.5m funding boost

Bakery business expands production with £4.5m funding boost
Credit: Kzenon

Geary’s Bakeries is set to expand production and create new jobs following a £4.5 million investment from NatWest.

The Leicester-based business will use the funding package to construct and fit-out a new larger factory facility.

As well as creating several jobs for the community, the new factory will also enable the company to expand its production line.

The business, which already supplies long-fermentation bread and rolls to a range of retailers, including supermarkets and sandwich manufacturers, is now planning to add to its range.

The funding package was created by NatWest, with help from the Government’s Regional Growth Fund through the University of Derby.

The bakery has experienced a significant upturn in business since the appointment of Jason Geary as Managing Director a decade ago, with annual turnover reaching £20 million in 2016.