Arla keep high protein bars chewy for a year

Arla keep high protein bars chewy for a year

Arla Foods Ingredients have introduced a new whey protein solution that stays soft for at least a year, ending one of the biggest consumer complains associated with these products.

Almost half of US consumers purchased a high-protein bar in the past month, according to research. However, due to textural deterioration during shelf life – a common issue with high-protein snack bars – it’s likely that many of the bars had lost their soft and chewy texture by the time they were eaten.

To address this challenge Arla Foods Ingredients has developed Nutrilac PB-8420, a whey protein that ensures protein bars retain a chewy texture for 12 months or more in ambient storage conditions.

Furthermore, the ingredient is all-natural and derived from cows’ milk – helping to keep the recipe simple and ensure consumer demand for clean and clear labels is met.

To showcase the new protein solution, Arla Foods Ingredients has created a 28% protein apple & coconut protein bar concept that is the perfect blueprint for sports nutrition applications.

Inge Lise Povlsen, Senior Category Manager for Bakery & Beverages at Arla Foods Ingredients, said: “It’s no secret that protein can sometimes present formulation challenges. These solutions all address common problems with texture and taste, opening the door to new product development opportunities that will tap into the growing popularity of high protein products.”