Almonds beat cashews to superfoods top spot

Almonds beat cashews to superfoods top spot

Almonds have overtaken cashews to claim the top spot as the bestselling superfood of the year according to online health food superstore, Healthy Supplies.

Despite not making the cut in 2016, chia seeds, goji berries and coconut oil also made it onto the top ten bestselling superfoods list as new entrants, alongside cinnamon which came in at number eight and achieved the largest overall increase in sales.

Quinoa remains at number six but saw the second biggest jump in sales (26%). The grain, which is high in mineral content and a tasty alternative to rice and pasta, is fast becoming a store cupboard essential for many households and is therefore unlikely to fall from its healthy pedestal anytime soon.

Turmeric, which has seen a 765% increase in sales over the past two years alone, wasn’t able to clinch a top position. However, with sales showing no sign of slowing, Healthy Supplies predict it will be a hot contender next year.

Managing Director Tina Manahai-Mahai said: “A greater awareness of diets and intolerances is contributing to an increase in sales for things like grains, nuts and seeds which are naturally gluten and dairy free, making them ideal ingredients in these diets.”

She added: “We are not surprised to see almonds at the top of people’s superfood wish list. Not only are they rich in protein and fibre, these little nuts of goodness are thought to help reduce cholesterol and blood pressure.”