AHDB leverages EU funds for €10m lamb promotion

£9.2m boost to Welsh red meat sector
Credit: Shutterstock.com/ Andrew Ward

Following a successful bid for European funds, the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB) has launched a €10 million lamb promotion.

The campaign – a joint venture between France, England and Ireland – means that AHDB secured a €10 million campaign for a €1 million investment to support the lamb sector.

It follows the success of the Tasty Easy Fun lamb campaign, jointly co-funded by the EU to the tune of €7.7 million.

It is run by AHDB in England; Interbev in France, and Bord Bia in Ireland, across six European countries.

“Our shared commitment and efforts to tackle the decline in consumption in this sector meant we secured a €10 million deal, with an investment of only €1 million,” said AHDB Beef and Lamb Board Chair Adam Quinney.

“It emphasises the great results that can be achieved working closely with our European partners.

“Brexit or not, our industry lives on and we need to look for innovative and valuable partnership arrangements to continue to leverage funds to promote lamb as a healthy, versatile and nutritious protein.”